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What is


Fit Diva?

“consistency is the key to success, and there is nothing more consistent than Positive ENERGY on the other end of your video stream.”

Whether it is family obligations, motherhood, or navigating a work schedule.

Women of all walks of life deserve the opportunity to stay fit for the Mind, Body and Soul.

Inhale, Exhale and Dance.

Dance Fit Diva is a virtual fitness studio that was developed in the height of the COVID19 pandemic.  Mary Beth Grimm and Allison Mannix have been working together for over 10 years in the fitness business. Business names and business owners changed throughout these years but our passion for fitness and leading women has been constant. When covid hit our lives were forever changed- being in a packed fitness studio was no longer an option. It also wasn't an option to discontinue what we loved to do. We moved furniture, trial and error with technology BUT we in the end MADE IT WORK. We never stopped working out and our dedicated ladies were right there with us. 


Since then we have enjoyed the luxury of maintaining our fitness regimes from the comfort of our own homes. No travel time, no childcare issues and the shower is down the hall. The convenience and being able to achieve the same results is  and was very appealing. Although you are home, the ability to step into your own fitness realm, de-stress, workout and feel fantastic is something everyone needs in their life. 

We have watched our community of women get married, have children, move to another state and yet we have been able to maintain the positive energy we have worked so hard to create. 

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