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Live & On-Demand Virtual Fitness Classes

You will not find this combination of classes in any other fitness studio. All choreography and fitness content is original. Adding the convenience of doing classes from the comfort of your home. “Have you ever wanted to take a dance fitness class? What were the barriers? Time? Money? Comfort level? Dance Fit Diva allows you to dance and work out freely with the camera on or off. Who doesn’t like to dance? Dance fitness creates a workout environment that doesn't feel like a traditional workout. 

Class Teaser Videos

Dance Fit Diva Introduction
Megaburn Introduction
Dance Fit Yoga Introduction

Dance Fit Diva Fitness Packages

  • 100% Positive Energy

    Every month
    Pure Positivity
     7 day free trial
    • Full Access to Virtual Live Classes and On-Demand Library
  • Sparkle Six Pack

    Every 6 months
    Shine Your Light
     7 day free trial
    • 6 Month Membership
    • 25% Off Monthly Rate
    • $29 / Month
  • Platinum Party

    Every year
    Dance first - Think later
     7 day free trial
    • 12 Month Membership
    • 50% Off Monthly Rate
    • $20 / Month
    • **** Limited Time Offer ****
  • Residency Membership

    Every month
    Fun fabulous dance fitness in downtown studio
     7 day free trial
    • In-Person Unlimited Fitness Classes
    • Bellydance and DanceFit Yoga
    • $20 drop in fee per class for non residency members
  • Residency Membership (All-In Boost)

    Every month
    Full Access - Dance Fit Diva Style
     7 day free trial
    • In-Person Unlimited Fitness Classes
    • Full Virtual and On-Demand Access
  • Summer Splits package

    30 minute stretch session focused on your splits!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Summer Splits
  • Summer Sweat Bundle

    2 Express Sauna Sessions (25min) & 2 Residency Dance Fit Diva Sessions (50min)
    Valid for 3 months

    What's Included in a Dance Fit Diva subscription?

    Login and password to the website. Unlimited live classes 13 classes per week, unlimited use of VOD features. Constant communication and interaction with instructors via website and/or social media.

    What are some types of fitness classes are offered?

    We offer a wide variety of virtual fitness classes at Mega Burn, Bikini Body, Hard Core  and WAM I would categorize as more linear fitness classes which use weights, bands and body weight to strengthen and tighten your body. Dance Fit Diva and Cardio Belly dance are hip shaking, heart pumping focused choreography that will leave you sweating and smiling. Dance Fit Yoga is in a category all its own incorporating traditional yoga with cardio dance and body weight exercises creating the ultimate fitness experience. Stretch Session is a sensual stretch class to lengthen and reset the body. Any other questions? Please feel free to reach out!

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